White crow flies

White crow flies

Inside the murder
Of his black brethren
Ignores the spikes
In its wings
And the blood dripping
From eye and belly
Black wolf
Driven from the pack
Glances back
This one last time
Prey to the trees
Retreat there unseen
A kingly feast
And a dream of the bold tomorrow.

By Dakeno Mark 2013


Unfurl red clay cloak
Wrapped like a second skin
Delve and bathe
Into the soul deepness
Forearm braced hto cheek
While eyes search and pan
With pale intent
And pain and yearning
Waves of sky crash now
And bite
Sapphire ocean churns
And her sands glisten
In blue and white
And gold
Angel embraces her
Arm-wings of turquoise and silver
She smiles and dreams
And gathers herself
Her dance is still
And waiting to outshine
The lingering dark

Dakeno Mark 2013

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